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RAS Job Board & Career Fair

Plan Face-to-Face Meetings with the Top Talent in the Field

Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with so many highly skilled robotics professionals. The RAS job board and on-site career fair are targeted at robotics companies of all sizes and provide an outstanding opportunity for employers to showcase their company and to conduct on-site interviews with prospective employees.

All registered attendees will have the opportunity to upload their resumé to a database that participating organizations can have access to and search.

Don’t miss this opportunity to add talent to your organization. Secure your participation today!



Job posting on RAS Job Board*


Highlighted as “Featured employer” on RAS Job Board


Career Fair Sponsor – Most prominent location during career fair (up to 3)


*Price is for single 30-day post. More pricing options exist at

For details on each of these opportunities, please contact:

Patrick Filippelli

Email Patrick

P: 630.929.7960

ICRA Sales Team

c/o Hall-Erickson, Inc.

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